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Abastumani is known in the world for its astro-physics observatory in the mountains. It was founded in the 30-ies of last century on the outskirts of Abastumani. Observatory is situated 1650 meters above the sea level where atmosphere is characterized by very high transparency.

Abastumani is a mountain-climate resort which is located in southern Georgia, on the southern knee of the Ajara-Imereti mountain range, 260 km from Tbilisi, 1800-1840 meters above the sea level. Duration of sun light exceeds 3 thousand hours that is a very high indicator.

Resort is distinguished for sound air related to dark coniferous forests. It is a focal point for treatment of tuberculosis in the Caucasus. In Abastumani it is possible to cure practically any phaze of lung tuberculosis. There are also springs of medicinal thermo-mineral water with temperature surpassing +400C. These waters were used for the treatment of joints from times immemorial.

In the vicinity of Abastumani is located Borjomi-Kharagauli national park, petrified flora of Goderdzi plateau, several resorts and tens of historical and cultural attractions of national importance.