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Balneological resort of Sairme, rich with curing mineral water springs, is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests sprawling to many hectares where there are numerous species of pines, fir, beech, lime and chestnut centennial trees. As the legend wide-spread among the people circulates, Sairme springs were discovered by hunters chasing wounded deer. In the place where deer herds often gathered, spring water was flowing on the stones red with rust while around the place everything was white with salt. Within the distance of approximately 5 km from deer spring, shepherds noticed one more unusual place where grass was always green, snow melted very fast while ground after rain quickly dried. The reason for this miracle was thermal, nitrogen-methane, slightly sulphuric mineral water that geologists discovered in 1920-ies and called this venue Udabno. First written data on Sairme can be found in the historical sources of 90-ies in the XIX century while the first scientific attempt to review all the materials belongs to doctor Kelenjeradze. Back in 1912 while still a student, Kelenjeradze carried specimens taken in Sairme to St. Petersburg for research. It turned out that this water by its curing effect was not inferior to then already well-known other mineral waters. In 30-ies of the XX century Sairme was officially assigned the status of a resort. Health centers were constructed and resort infrastructure put in order, automobile road made which linked the resort with Baghdadi. In this period (1945) started bottling of Sairme water in the factory.