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✅We are looking for Borzhomi in the homeland of the favorite mineral water of the royal family and the Soviet leaders.

✅ We see the Palace of the Romanovs. The main architect of which was Leonty Benois, whose main works are considered (all located in St. Petersburg):


  • Grand-ducal tomb in the Peter and Paul Fortress (1896-1908);
  • The profitable house of the First Russian Insurance Company (1911-1914);
  • Palace of Exhibitions (1914-1919).


✅Walk through the central beautiful mineral water park, try real Borjomi mineral water.

✅ We see the greenery of the monastery.

✅ Stop at a restaurant, try real Georgian dishes and wine (paid separately).Group tour:                                     50 GEL


Individual excursion:   VIP 4 Pers 350 GEL

VIP 7 Pers 400 GEL

VIP 19 Pers 550 GEL


Transfer from the airport: 1-3 Pers 40 GEL

4-7 Pers 70 GEL

Minibus:                                       8-20 Pers 160 GEL


Tel: +995 571 31 80 08