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✅ You will inspect a complex of monasteries with interesting histories and destinies and the famous in the Christian world Lavra of David (VI c).

✅ Learn about the life and work of the Holy Father David Garedjiysky and his illustrious students

✅Clear the cell of David Garedjiysky with the source inside

✅ We rise to the highest point of the terrain, from where we can see breathtaking views. We guarantee that even those who have seen kinds of travelers will take breath!

✅We make a picnic in nature, and as you know, fresh food is always tastier or we stop at a Polish restaurant on the way.

✅All our way will pass along a stunningly beautiful road – meadows cut with sand slides and covered with carpet of wild flowers, will make our trip unforgettable.

✅Tetri Udabno is one of the largest cave monasteries in Georgia. In dozens of grotto-cells, long abandoned by the inhabitants, you can climb, see the ancient murals

✅ It is hard to believe, but solitary monks-hermits still live in cave cells.


Group tour:                                        45 GEL

Individual excursion:    VIP 4 Pers 300 GEL

VIP 7 Pers 400 GEL

VIP 19Pers 500 GEL

Transfer from the airport: 1-3 Pers 40 GEL

4-7 Pers 70 GEL

Minibus:                                            8-20 Pers 160 GEL


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