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Kaxeti-Signagi- Bodbe

✅Probes in Sighnaghi, the city of love.
✅ We see the ancient monastery of Bodbe, which is famous all over Georgia for St. Nino.
✅Painting in the holy spring of Saint Nino.
✅Alazan Valley, which offers excellent panoramas from different points of the city of Sighnaghi.
Group tour: 50 GEL
Individual excursion: VIP 4 Pers 300 GEL
VIP 7 Pers 400 GEL
VIP 19 Pers 650 GEL

Transfer from the airport: 1-3 Pers 40 GEL
4-7 Pers 70 GEL
Minibus: 8-20 Pers 160 GEL

Tel: +995 571 31 80 08